Former Albertson's CEO Raises Concerns Over New Boise Baseball Park

Jul 26, 2017

Last week, Former Albertson’s CEO Gary G. Michael sent a letter to the Greater Boise Auditorium District Board of Directors. The letter was sent on behalf of a group Michael called the Concerned Taxpayers of Boise.



His letter requested that, "more solid information be provided to the taxpaying citizens of Boise, before any money is paid for the acquisition of any land in a public/private partnership for a baseball multi-use field."


The letter asks the GBAD board to look into an analysis of traffic generated by the project, loss in property value, noise impact, lighting impact, environmental impact and impact on businesses in the surrounding areas. Michael also said these analyses should take no less than three to six months to conduct and results should be shared with Boise citizens.


The 11 acres of land planned to be used for this new stadium is currently owned by St. Lukes on the corner of Americana Boulevard and Shoreline Drive. According to the Idaho Statesman, development company Greenstone Properties plans to finalize a deal by the end of July to purchase the land.


The GBAD board plans to address the issues in Michael’s letter during Wednesday afternoon’s board meeting.


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