Former State Department Official Joins Boise State Faculty, Offers Insight Into U.S. Diplomacy

May 24, 2017

Steven Feldstein, Boise State University, Frank and Bethine Church Chair of Public Affairs, 2017.

As Donald Trump continues on his first major foreign trip as President, statesmanship is in the spotlight. Today we speak with a former State Department official about this moment in U.S. diplomacy.

Steve Feldstein  is joining Boise State University to teach in the School of Public Service. In this audio clip, Tom Michael of KBSX News begins by asking him what he thinks of the new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

Feldstein talks about the systemic problems of statesmanship in the nascent Trump administration. Taking a hard look at “soft power,” he outlines the role that civil servants play in international diplomacy. He describes the African countries that Americans should pay attention to in 2017 and explains why he thinks state officials have been leaking classified information to the press.

In July, Feldstein becomes the new Frank and Bethine Chair of Public Affairs at Boise State.

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