Free Tree Programs Aim To Make Boise Greener

Oct 21, 2015

Credit Jeremy Erickson / Flickr Creative Commons

The City of Trees wants more people to have – well – trees.

Ryan Rodgers is with the city's community forestry department, and says there are many benefits to growing more trees in Boise. Rodgers says that's why the city is providing two free programs for people who want more shade by their homes.

Rodgers says residents in the Vista Neighborhood might have received a postcard about donated trees from Idaho Power. The company is encouraging planting for heat reduction in the summer, and the city is helping get the word out.

“We have some oaks, some elms, sweet gum, hackberry, tulip tree, riverbirch," he says.

Another program is called NeighborWoods, and the city identified places that would be good spots to improve the canopy along streets. Rodgers says this year they're also focusing on the Vista Neighborhood.

“Our motivation there is just to provide tree canopy over hard surfaces in areas where there’s not a plantable public right of way. So the trees become the property of the property owner.”

Rodgers says storm water mitigation and air quality improvement are two more reasons to add more to the city’s tree canopy. And, he says, fall is a good time to plant.

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