On The Friday, September 28, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Sep 27, 2018
  • Our team of journalists breaks down the week's headlines.
  • We learn more about the "Stop the Bleed" campaign.
  • Community Kindness Day.

-Host Gemma Gaudette leads a round table discussion of the week's headlines with the region's top journalists. This week we are joined by Betsy Russell from the Idaho Press, Mark Sharp from KIVI-TV and Kevin Richert from Idaho Education News.

-What happens if you're camping or skiing and there's an accident? It can take time to get help and "Stop the Bleed" is designed to teach you how to use a tourniquet and keep the victim alive until professionals arrive.

-Idaho is already pretty kind. Now there's a Community Kindness Day to help instill a culture of kindness in everyone. Idaho Matters takes a closer look.