On The Friday, September 6, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Sep 5, 2019
  • Welcome to Friday and our Reporter Roundtable.
  • An update on Dust devils science.
  • Coding camps for girls.

-It’s time for our Reporter Roundtable, where we get you up to date on all the news that made headlines around our region. Joining us this week are Nicole Foy and Scott McIntosh of the Idaho Statesman, and James Dawson of Boise State Public Radio.

-Dust devils -- those updrafts of rotating air you see in parking lots or in the desert -- have been studied by scientists since the mid-19th century. But the science has seen a resurgence since the 1970s when humans started sending spacecraft to mars, where dust devils have been found in abundance. One scientist at Boise State University hopes to learn more about the devils on the red planet by looking closer at the phenomenon here. Idaho Matters gets an update on his ground-breaking research before his First Friday Astronomy night talk at BSU.

-Technology surrounds us all every day and the demand for software engineers is continuously growing. And it’s essential we equip children with coding skills --  whether in the school classroom, at home, or through extracurricular courses -- so they can be the future leaders of innovation. Women are significantly under-represented in STEM fields, making it even more important to show girls in particular that learning how to code is not only extremely beneficial but it can also be fun. Idaho Matters looks at a free coding camp for girls.

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