Funding To Idaho Colleges Could Be Changing

Oct 19, 2018

The way Idaho provides some of its funding to colleges and universities could be changing.

Thursday the State Board of Education approved a change in funding. Right now, colleges get money based on the number of credits that students take. Under this new plan, colleges would get some of their funding based on how many students graduate each year.

Speaking on Idaho Matters, Kevin Richert with Idaho Education News said this is a big deal.

“This is a very large change potentially in the way we fund higher education and higher education institutions. So the decision from the state board is kind of a milestone, kind of a watershed moment,” says Richert.

Former Boise State University President Bob Kustra said that this move sounds like outcome-based budgeting.

“And that’s a very good way to budget. You give to universities the funding they need if in fact they’ve proven they’re doing their job and their ultimate job is to graduate our students,” Kustra said.

The Idaho Legislature must sign off on the plan that would be phased in over three years.

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