Future Of Students Come First Education Laws Uncertain

Nov 7, 2012

All three of public schools chief Tom Luna's education overhaul initiatives were failing just before

Tome Luna
Credit Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

midnight Tuesday.

About 40 percent of the precincts statewide were counted.

But if the numbers hold, it would be a clear disaster for Luna's plans to remake Idaho's schools.

By far, Luna's plan to spend $180 million on student laptops over eight years and require online courses to graduate was faring the worst, securing just a third of the vote.

The other two propositions, to limit union bargaining rights and introduce a merit pay system, garnered about 44 percent.

A loss at the polls for Luna's signature issue could be a high-stakes barometer for his political future.

A Luna spokeswoman, Melissa McGrath, said he'd withhold comment until final results are in.

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