Gas Prices: A Look At One Date Over The Last Eight Years

Apr 5, 2016

The price at the pump is the lowest it has been in Idaho on this date since 2009. That's despite the cost of gas going up for more than a month.

Gas prices have risen for 36 of the past 41 days, says AAA Idaho. Despite that, Idaho's average price for a gallon of gas is just $2.07. It hasn't been that low on April 5 since 2009, when it hit $1.97 a gallon. In 2012, we were paying $3.78 for gas in early April.

Dave Carlson with AAA Idaho says Idaho's price right now is very close to the national average of $2.05. That's rare, he says. Usually Idaho gas prices jump around, compared to the national price.

The cost of a barrel of oil rallied a bit two weeks ago, jumping up to $41. But now it's down to $35. AAA Idaho says there is more crude oil in storage now than there has been in several years.

But summer is on the way, along with the switchover to summer-blend gasoline. It will take a few weeks for the fuel to reach all the way across the country, but once it does, the price of gas may go up. The summer-blend costs more to produce. Plus refinery maintenance and the summer demand for more gas will likely lead to higher prices.

"Idaho prices will likely rise in the coming weeks [but] . . . will not resemble anything like the prices we've seen in the past five years," says Carlson.

Here's how much gas cost every April 5 since 2009.

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