Gov. Otter’s State Of The State Speech Sets His Agenda For Idaho Legislature

Jan 7, 2013

Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter released his budget along with his State of the State speech Monday. 

Idaho Governor Butch Otter
Credit Aaron Kunz / EarthFix/Boise State Public Radio

The governor’s budget would increase general fund spending by 3.1 percent in fiscal year 2014. The FY14 budget is $2.78 billion, that’s an $84 million increase over FY13.

Here are some additional key points.

  • The governor’s budget estimates a 5.27 percent increase in revenue in fiscal year 2014
  • The governor’s budget calls for a 2 percent increase in K-12 public school spending, that’s about $25.6 million
  • The governor’s budget sets aside $35 million for the state’s rainy day fund. The fund currently has about $23 million, and $25 million will statutorily be added to the fund. This would mean the budget stabilization fund could be up to $83 million by fiscal year 2014.

You can read more about the Governor's legislative priorities and find an annotated copy of his State of the State address at StateImpact Idaho.