Government Shutdown Delays Launch Of Wood River Valley Translator

Oct 11, 2013

The new translator sits atop Bald Mountain which will allow its signal to reach more people in the Wood River Valley.
Credit Boise State Public Radio

The Boise State Public Radio engineering team recently completed the installation of a new 125 watt translator at the top of Bald Mountain in the Wood River Valley. This means listening will be more reliable in the area, and our signal will reach more places, particularly north of Ketchum.

However, we are unable to switch the signal on because of the federal government shutdown. In order to begin operating 100.3 fm, final approval is needed from the Federal Communications Commission. It's unclear how much longer the government, and the FCC, will be closed. But until the shutdown ends, 100.3 fm will not broadcast the Boise State Public Radio news station.

Listeners in Bellevue can continue listening to Boise State Public Radio at KBSS 91.1 fm. You can also listen to our live web-streams wherever you're connected to the Internet.