Growing Pains: How One Millennial Went From Renting In Boise To Buying In Nampa

Sep 28, 2020

We know housing prices have gone up rapidly in Ada County in recent years. In Canyon County, folks are also feeling the squeeze. So what does that mean for people looking to purchase their first home in the Treasure Valley? Especially for Millennials — who have gone through two historic recessions in young adulthood — buying a home can be out of reach in this very popular market.

As part of our “Growing Pains” series on the Treasure Valley, Idaho Matters senior producer Frankie Barnhill wanted to hear from her friend Julia Green who made the leap to homeowner in 2019 — trading in her historic Boise apartment rental for a 1950s bungalow one county away in Nampa.

Julia was raised in Boise and is a self-employed artist, and never expected to buy in Canyon County. She and her boyfriend tried to buy a house in Boise, but they couldn't afford it. They turned their sights to Nampa and found a place where they can spread out and be happy.

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