Here's Your Video Guide To Boise's New Recycling Program

May 23, 2018

Boise's new orange bag recycling program asks customers who live in residential buildings with fewer than eight units to sort their recyclables, after 10 years of a simpler mixed recycling service.

Working with a company in Salt Lake City, many hard-to-recycle plastics will now get converted in diesel fuel. Boise State Public Radio News took a deep dive into the global problem the city is trying to alleviate; take a read or listen here.

But what exactly CAN be recycled in the new program, and HOW does it work? We heard from dozens of listeners who had both specific and philosophical questions about where our waste goes. To answer them, we brought City of Boise Environmental Manager Haley Falconer to dig through our newsroom recycling bin. Click below for a video guide.

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