High Boise River Causing Flooding In Garden City

Jun 6, 2017

The Boise River has jumped its banks in Garden City and is flooding a University of Idaho facility.
Credit Scott Graf / Boise State Public Radio

The Boise River is running at some of the highest levels seen so far this season. Along with flooding around Eagle Island State Park, the river is also causing problems in Garden City.

Water managers say they have no plans to lessen the flow of the Boise River anytime soon. With temperatures expected to top out around a hundred tomorrow in Boise and conditions looking to be toasty across much of southern Idaho, lots of mountain snow will melt. That means more runoff coming into the reservoir system.

Pressure on the system is being released via high flows of the Boise River. This morning, the river was running around 9,500 cubic feet per second at the Glenwood Bridge, which is causing problems for low lying areas in Garden City.

KTVB reports the parking lot of the University of Idaho’s extension office sits in one of the affected areas.

The office’s lot is completely inundated, and school officials are directing visitors to park in one of Expo Idaho's. Along with parking, several compost piles maintained by the facility for a now-canceled composting class have floated away. The extension office’s supply shed is also falling victim to the rising waters.

Along with flooding issues in Garden City, high waters have forced the indefinite closure of Eagle Island State Park.

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