Holiday Meal Project Helps Students With Food Insecurity At Boise State

Dec 12, 2018

This holiday season, Boise State University students with meal plans can donate one of their unused guest meals to a student in need.

Last year, Boise State started a food pantry for students with food insecurity. But some students wanted to do more. Jessie Dexter, a graduate research assistant with the Department of Community and Environmental Health and member of the Food Insecurity Advisory Board, was one of them.


“This year, it was find of like, well, where can we go from here? Because the food pantry is kind of a bandaid to a much bigger problem, so how can we further support students?" Dexter says.


That’s why she and other students, campus officials and Aramark began collaborating last spring to create the Full Broncos Holiday Meal Project. The project helps students on campus who may not be able to afford a meal to get one. As of Tuesday afternoon, 475 meals were donated by students and nearly 400 of those have been used.


“A lot of students on campus see the need and they know it’s there, but they don’t really know how to help. So giving them that pathway to help is really appreciated," Dexter says.


Students can give a meal to another student by telling the attendant at the university’s dining hall. Students who need a meal can anonymously ask the attendant for a Full Bronco Meal. No name or student ID is required and there is no limit as to how many meals a student can receive. The last day to donate and receive meals is this Friday.


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