Homeowners Association Buys Troubled Tamarack Resort

Oct 14, 2016

Credit A.Davey / Flickr Creative Commons

A homeowners association has purchased parts of the long-troubled Tamarack Resort near Donnelly, Idaho.

The Tamarack Municipal Association purchased the property from the bank group Newtrac, and will now control all skiing operations. The golf course and other parts of the resort are still owned by other entities.

Tamarack opened in 2004, but the original owners went bankrupt a few years later and the resort has struggled ever since.

Tamarack General Manager Brad Larsen said the sale means the resort will have some stability along with all the assets it needs to operate this winter and into the future.

Larsen said he hopes the resort can one day get the golf course back.

The resort will begin making snow next month, and could open for the ski season on Dec. 9.