How Do Recent Idaho Temperatures Compare To Last Year's?

Dec 7, 2018

It's been cold for the past few days in Boise and it turns out that it's even colder than average, the same goes for McCall.
Credit Kevin Rank / Flickr Creative Commons

It’s been pretty chilly here in Boise for the last few days as well as up north in McCall. It is actually that cold?

Well, go ahead and grab your mittens before you head outside, because it's freezing! Thursday’s average temperature was 19 degrees in Boise, 12 degrees cooler than December 6 of last year.  


Although those temperatures might seem pretty toasty to people up in McCall where Thursday’s average was just a degree above zero, compared to last year’s 16 on the same day.


McCall should warm up a bit over the weekend, but there’s a pretty good chance of snow next week. And Boise should warm up too by Sunday, with a high of 38 degrees. Warmer, but it’s still no 63, like it was on December 6th, 1987.


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