"How Ike Led" By Susan Eisenhower

Jan 22, 2021

Few people have made decisions as momentous as Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike), from D-Day to Little Rock, from the Korean War to Cold War crises, Ike relied on a core set of principles.  In her warm and illuminating book, Susan Eisenhower reveals how Ike led as a strategic leader, relying on a rigorous pursuit of the facts for decision-making.  After making a decision, he made himself accountable for it, recognizing that personal responsibility is the bedrock of sound principles. 

Perhaps former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said it best:  “Susan Eisenhower’s How Ike Led distills from her grandfather’s life the enduring qualities of successful leadership.  Those qualities—dedication to duty, sincerity, fairness, optimism, humility, patience and restraint, moderation and accountability—are illuminated through anecdotes both moving and entertaining from Dwight Eisenhower’s decades un unparalleled service to America.”

Susan Eisenhower, one of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s four grandchildren, is a consultant, author, and a Washington DC-based policy strategist with many decades of work on national security issues.  She lectures widely on such topics, including strategic leadership.