How To Prepare For Your Next Flight Ahead Of Busy Summer Season At Boise Airport

Jun 14, 2018

The Transportation Security Administration predicts that 6,500 passengers a day will pass through their body scanners in Boise this summer. That’s a 10 percent over last year.

They say the spike is due in part to new flights offered by Frontier Airlines and larger planes for some Alaska Airlines routes.

With that in mind, the TSA has some suggestions for flyers using the Boise Airport: try to travel on slower days in the middle of the week, don’t overstuff your bag in case it needs to be inspected and keep your carry-on liquids bag handy for a quick security line experience.  

And if you want to take a gun, be sure to pack it unloaded in your checked bag – not in your carry-on – and keep it in a hard-case.

So far in 2018, federal officials have found nine improperly stored guns.

In May, they even found a Smith & Wesson pistol wrapped in tinfoil and packed in a cookie box – with cookies still in it. (See gun guidelines below.)

The TSA expects air travel to peak in mid-August.

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