Human Remains Found Near Mountain Home Could Date Back To 15th Century

Jul 19, 2017

Lara Douglas speaks to the press Tuesday alongside Elmore County Sheriff Mike Hollinshead.
Credit Screengrab / Idaho Statesman

The skeletal remains of two people were found in a badger hole near Mountain Home by Idaho Fish and Game officers this spring. The Elmore County Sheriff’s office initially treated the findings as possible homicides. The sheriff’s office sent samples to Florida and Arizona for carbon dating analysis.

Tuesday, officials released the results of the test – which found that the remains could date as far back as 1436 and are no longer being investigated as homicides.  It's estimated the bones of one belonged to a person who died around the age 20, the other likely belonged a teenager.

The sample also tested for a corn-rich diet, which could point to – though does not prove – they were Native American. The Bureau of Land Management is now in possession of the remains.

According to a BLM official, some Native American tribes have already reached out to claim the bones.

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