Idaho Asks Judge To Reconsider School Broadband Ruling

Nov 19, 2014

Credit Scott Woods-Fehr / Flickr Creative Commons

The state is asking a judge to take another look at his decision to void the $60 million Idaho Education Network broadband contract.

In a 12-page motion filed Tuesday, the state’s outside counsel is asking District Judge Patrick Owen to either clarify his Nov. 10 ruling to toss out the contract, or reconsider his decision.

Owen said the contract was void when the state cut out one contractor on the high school broadband project, Syringa Networks Inc. And because that voided the contract, he said, the state cannot salvage the deal.

That ruling has critical implications, the state’s attorneys contend. This leaves the state without a contract “on which to order and run critical wide area network services for state agencies or under which to operate and fund the education network,” Merlyn Clark and Steven Schossberger write in the state’s motion.

The motion is just the latest legal maneuver in the 5-year-old legal battle over the Idaho Education Network contract. Click here to continue reading this story from Idaho Education News.