Idaho Cities Absent From Sierra Club List Of Communities Ready To Go Green

Nov 15, 2017

This week, the Sierra Club released a list of cities around the country that have made a commitment to green energy. Among them are bigger metros like Atlanta and Portland – as well as smaller cities like Pueblo and Boulder, Colorado. Nearby Salt Lake City also made the cut.

Casey Mattoon is with the Idaho chapter, and says despite the Trump Administration’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Treaty – all 10 of the cities on the list made pledges in 2017 to go 100 percent green. Although there aren't any Idaho cities on the list, Mattoon says Boise is moving in the right direction.

"What we would like to see the city do is continue doing the incredible work that they’re doing in terms of analyzing our energy system, looking at affordability and finding programs that work for our specific context," Mattoon says.

Haley Falconer is the environmental manager with the City of Boise, and says the city has launched a study looking into what it would take to transition to renewable energy.

“Really starting with the data on the energy side to find our baseline there and where we can head," Falconer says. "And look forward to what the next pieces are, whether it’s water or continued work with our building energy efficiency or electric vehicles.”

She says Boise wants to take a holistic approach to environmental issues, and points to the recent launch of the residential composting program and the green construction initiative.

A request for comment about the Sierra Club report from the City of Meridian -- the next most populous city in the state -- was not immediately returned.

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