Idaho Dairy Sued By Former Workers From Mexico

Jan 13, 2017

A lawsuit filed in district court in Boise earlier this month pits an Idaho dairy against former employees from Mexico. 

Six veterinarians are suing Funk Dairy southeast of Twin Falls for human trafficking and breach of contract, among other charges. The vets are from Mexico, and say they were hired to work at the dairy in 2014 under false pretenses.

According to the Capital Press, the lawsuit alleges a criminal conspiracy to bring them to the United States while avoiding immigration laws. They claim they were hired to work as professional veterinarians on the dairy, but instead were forced to work as general laborers who milked cows and cleaned pens.

Named in the lawsuit are the owner of the dairy, the dairy manager, and Burley immigration attorney Jeremy Pittard. Pittard told the Capital Press he assumes the Mexican workers filed the suit because they were disgruntled about how difficult the work was at the dairy once they arrived.

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