Idaho Democrats Create 'Rapid Response Team' After Election Losses

Nov 22, 2016

There’s no way around it – November 8 was a rough day for Idaho Democrats. The red state went even redder, as Republicans picked up four seats in the Legislature, including the one held by House Minority Leader John Rusche.

To Idaho Democratic Party Executive Director Sally Boynton Brown, the election was a turning point for progressives – both on the national and state level.

“I think is a wakeup call to folks to say we need to start reaching out to our neighbors and having more conversations and being involved in a deeper level," says Boynton Brown. "That voting is the very least that we need to do in our democracy.”

Boynton Brown says so far, Idahoans seem to understand this well. The party leader says they’ve received hundreds of calls and emails from people since the election interested in getting involved, and have created what they’re calling a “rapid response team” of volunteers. She says the team will be used to organize during and after the upcoming legislative session.

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