Idaho Eclipse Forecast: Nothing But Blue Skies

Aug 18, 2017

The forecast in the path of totality calls for clear to mostly clear skies. "The forecast looks good along the path of totality," says meteorologist Elizabeth Padian.
Credit Robert Davies / Flickr

With the total eclipse just a few days away and many people arriving or in the state already on their way to where they plan to watch the solar spectacle, cloud cover could make or break watching the show in the sky. We have a look at Eclipse Monday’s forecast.

A preface: This is the weather, so it’s subject to change, but the tentative outlook is nothing but smilin’ blue skies.

All signs point to conditions being good along the path of totality through Idaho. Meteorologist Elizabeth Padian works out of the National Weather Service’s Boise office. She says the 50,000 or so people heading to Weiser shouldn’t be disappointed.

“As we get into Monday morning and then through the afternoon it looks like we’re mostly clear skies for the entire day,” she says. “I think Weiser is going to be a really good place to view it.”

A bit to the east, Cascade is also preparing to welcome eclipse-watchers. She says they can expect similar weather.

According to Paidan, “There might be some clouds off to the north as well as the south, but I think the Cascade area should be mostly clear as well.”

Next up along the path of totality are Stanley and Ketchum. Alex DeSmit, a meteorologist in Pocatello, says it’ll be mostly sunny.

“So what that means is there could be a cloud or two but not really enough to cause a difference – really not enough to be all that noticeable,” DeSmit says.

In the far east of the state, both Rexburg and Idaho Falls are in the path of totality and expecting a flood of visitors coming up from Utah. It might be a little cloudier there than the middle of the state.

“It looks like more of a thin, high cloud that would still be opaque enough to see through,” says DeSmit.

Keep in mind, nothing is definite.

Elizabeth Padian wants to remind eclipse viewers that “things can change on us, and when it does we’ll get the word out, but as of right now the forecast looks good along the path of totality.”

Nothing but blue skies – probably.

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