Idaho Fish And Game Celebrates 75 Years Of Modern Management

Apr 10, 2014

If you've watched much cable TV recently, you may have seen this spot promoting Idaho Fish and Game's 75th anniversary.

The anniversary is celebrating 75 years since Idaho voters approved an initiative establishing the Fish and Game Commission and modern hiring practices. Prior to 1938, wardens and wildlife managers weren't necessarily trained professionals. The 1938 voter initiative requires employees to be trained in their field.

Credit Idaho Fish and Game / Screengrab

To celebrate the milestone, the Department of Fish and Game has created this interactive timeline, they're creating weekly stories that highlight a piece of department history, and they're using this YouTube channel to share those stories.

When I first saw Fish and Game's promotional spot run on the Travel Channel, I wondered how much the agency is spending for this campaign. It turns out, ads distributed to cable networks and local TV stations are airing free as public service announcements.

"It really is about celebrating the wildlife resources, and the history of managing it," says Vicky Osborn.

Osborn says the videos are made in-house, and the spot posted here was created by Idaho Fish and Game graphic artist Sandy McBride. Osborn says the agency has fantastic archival photos and video to work with.

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