Idaho Fish And Game Considers Rule Changes For Wolf Hunting

Jul 6, 2017

Idaho Fish and Game is thinking about changing the rules for some kinds of hunting in the Gem State.

In what's known as a "negotiated rule making process," Fish and Game is giving the public a chance to weigh in on the six proposed changes.

One change would allow hunters to use bait when hunting wolves. If the rule is implemented, specific times and uses of bait would be outlined.

Another change would restrict electronic devices when hunting. It would restrict the use of trail cameras and the use of cell phones, texts, or radios as an aid to hunting big game. That would mean hunters could not use cell phones or two way radios to tell another hunter the location of a big game animal.

Fish and Game says use of the devices have given rise to concerns over fair chase, ethics and sportsmanship.

Fish and Game will take comments on the proposed rules through July 26. Administrative rules created by the department must be voted on in the Idaho Legislature to become final.

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