Idaho Gas Prices Finally Dropping — A Little

Jun 7, 2019

Finally some good news for Idaho gas prices: they’re going down.

After being stuck at $3.20 a gallon, Idaho gas prices dropped two cents from last week. And Matthew Conde from AAA Idaho says our prices could fall another nickel in the next few weeks to around $3.12 a gallon.

On May 15, Idaho’s average price didn’t budge from $3.20 through the Memorial Day holiday. Now prices are dropping, thanks to several factors including more domestic oil production, regional refineries doing extra duty and worries that there may be a global oversupply of crude oil.

Despite the price cuts, the Gem State’s current average of $3.18 is still higher than the U.S. price of $2.80. That national average could drop by a dime in the next few weeks.

Last year at this time, Idahoans paid $3.17 per gallon of gas.

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