Idaho GOP Convention Starts in Twin Falls

A week after Idaho Democrats met for their annual convention in Boise, Republicans will start theirs’ today in Twin Falls.   The GOP will conduct three days of meetings that’ll result in the election of new leadership, the outlining of party rules, and the selection of delegates to the national convention in Tampa. 

It’s been a busy year for Idaho Republicans.  They held a presidential caucus in March.  In May, they held a closed primary. 

Republicans have also required GOP candidates to answer a survey on the party’s platform.   Jonathan Parker is Executive Director of the Idaho GOP.  He says, "The rules of the party were changed to ask the legislators and the legislative candidates to acknowledge that they’ve read the platform and if they agree with it, say they do. If they disagree, point out where they disagree. "  That survey, though, has rubbed some Republicans the wrong way.  They see it as a test of their loyalty to the party.   

Another topic ripe for convention debate is the GOP primary. Moderate Republicans like Secretary of State Ben Ysursa said this year’s closed system helped lead to record low turnout.  

Republicans will also pick new state leadership.  Parker is stepping down from his role as director after 3 and a half years.  A new party chairman will also be selected.

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