Idaho GOP To State Lawmakers: Close The Presidential Primary Loophole

Jan 9, 2020

Idaho’s Republican Party is urging state lawmakers to correct a loophole that would let voters change their party affiliation on Election Day during the upcoming presidential primary.

Only registered Republicans are allowed to vote in Idaho’s GOP primaries – including presidential primaries.

If you’re registered with the Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or Constitution parties in Idaho and want to vote as a Republican, you can do that. But you have to switch your party affiliation several weeks before an election in order to cast a ballot.

The Idaho GOP sued the state to close its primaries – and won in 2011.

However, a recent opinion from the state attorney general’s office says state law didn’t include presidential primaries with more routine primary elections.

That means a member of another political party could switch their affiliation at their polling place that same day, which isn’t allowed for state elections.

Idaho GOP leaders are telling legislators to quickly update the law before its presidential primary is held on March 10.

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