Idaho At High Risk For Wildfires Heading Into August

Jul 29, 2020

Although Idaho has yet to see any big fires this year, the risk of fire increases in August and wildland fire potential is above average. 

August Wildland Fire Potential Outlook
Credit Predictive Services, NIFC

“We're really talking about several geographic areas, including Idaho, experiencing high to extreme fire danger,” said Samantha Storms, Deputy Chief of External Affairs for the Bureau of Land Management National Fire and Aviation. 

In June, wildland fire agencies raised the nationwide fire preparedness level to three out of five.

National Wildland Fire Preparedness Levels are established to make sure there are enough resources to fight fires across the country. They are based on indicators like fuel, weather conditions and fire activity. 

Storms says high fire danger in the state is especially concerning with the increased spread of the coronavirus. 

“We are doing our best to be prepared to respond to fire, but also being cognizant of the risks that are associated with COVID-19,” said Storms. 

In addition to supplying PPE and following CDC guidelines, Storms says they are collaborating closely with local health departments to keep first-responders safe and healthy.

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