Idaho Lawmaker Heather Scott Tries To Get Committees Back

Jan 27, 2017

North Idaho Representative Heather Scott stood on the House floor Friday and asked to be allowed to return to her committees.

“I respectfully request that I be returned to my committees so I can properly perform my duly elected position and the voice of the citizens in District 1 in North Idaho will no longer be silenced," said Scott.

It’s the latest chapter in an ongoing struggle between the Blanchard Republican and House Speaker Scott Bedke. The Speaker took away Scott’s committee assignments earlier this month after she told another lawmaker that women only move up in the Legislature by trading sexual favors.

Bedke did not say Friday he would give her back her committees, but did say they needed to have a discussion.

“Your request and your privilege is duly noted, and we should talk, you and I. Honestly and sincerely, OK?” said Bedke.

The Speaker then moved on to other business in the House.

Last week, Scott apologized for her comments but when she wasn’t returned to her committees after the apology, she posted on her Facebook page that her apology would never be good enough for the Speaker of the House.

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