Idaho Legislature Approves 7.4 Percent Spending Hike For Public Schools, Now Heads To Governor

Apr 7, 2015

Credit Emilie Ritter Saunders / Boise State Public Radio

Legislation that would increase Idaho's public school funding and boost salary increases for teachers has only one remaining hurdle.

The Idaho House approved all seven pieces of the state's largest budget with almost no discussion on Monday, sending the bills to the governor's desk.

None of the bills — a combined $1.4 billion in general funds — garnered more than seven votes in opposition.

Under the proposals, public schools funding will increase by 7.4 percent to help fund the first year of the new teacher pay increase.

Money for subsequent years of the five-year plan to raise rookie teacher pay to $37,000 will be approved in future sessions.

The Senate unanimously passed the bills with no debate last Tuesday.

The governor is likely to approve the allocations.