Idaho OKs Snowmaking Plan At Bogus Basin Ski Area

Apr 17, 2018

Idaho has approved a plan by Bogus Basin ski area officials that involves building a water-storage dam and putting in underground pipes to make artificial snow for consistent pre-Christmas openings for skiers and snowboarders.

The Idaho Land Board voted 5-0 Tuesday to approve the work on land the state sold to the ski area 45 years ago. The sale included a requirement for state approval of erosion control and re-vegetation for significant projects.

The Bogus Basin Recreational Association is a nonprofit that operates on a combination of U.S. Forest Service land and land that it owns.

The ski area occupies about 2,700 acres. Bogus Basin is also seeking approval from the Forest Service for parts of the project.

Snowmaking wouldn't start until at least the 2019-2020 season.