Idaho Potato Farmers Deal With Smoke And Wet Soil, But Spuds Are Resilient

Oct 19, 2017

Wildfire smoke challenged the state’s potato crop this year as hazy skies blunted direct sunlight this summer. According to the Twin Falls Times-News, farmers dealt with weather extremes on both ends of the spectrum. An unusually wet and snowy start to the year saturated the soil, forcing later planting days in the spring.

Idaho Potato Commission spokesman Travis Blacker tells the Times-News that changes in agricultural economy mean fewer acres are being used for growing potatoes, as demand for alfalfa and corn in southern Idaho’s dairy country remains high.

Even with this year’s difficult conditions, the Gem State remains the number one producer of spuds – mostly with russet varieties. More than 300,000 acres of farm land are potato fields.

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