Is Idaho Really In The Middle Of Nowhere?

Jul 8, 2013

Idahoans (or really anyone who lives in the rural west) often joke they live in the middle of nowhere.  As it turns out, parts of Idaho really are in the middle of nowhere – at least according to Vizual Statistix.

Credit Vizual Statistix

These maps show where roads and airports are few and far between. Vizual Statistix pulled together a database of all interstate routes, highways, and roads to see which parts of the country really are the most remote.

One of the largest spots categorized as “nowhere” is smack-dab in the middle of Idaho. It’s mostly all forest land. And as many Idahoans know, there isn't an easy or direct route to drive from the bottom of the state north to the panhandle.

There’s also a swath of “nowhere” on the border of Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada.

Montana, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Maine and Wyoming also have their fair share of nothing-ness. Perhaps it’s a surprise to you, it was to us, that so much of Texas and the country’s mid-section are so connected.

The data is an interesting take on U.S. geography. Of course, we want to hear from you -- is Idaho really in the middle of nowhere? Perhaps, it's part of her charm.