Idaho Reps Oppose Trump Restrictions On Cuban Trade

Jun 16, 2017


In this Dec. 19, 2014 file photo, Javier Yanez stands on his balcony decorated with U.S. and Cuban flags in Old Havana, Cuba.
Credit Ramon Espinosa / AP

Friday, President Trump announced a rollback of some Obama-era policy initiatives between the United States and Cuba. Two Idaho State Representatives oppose the move.

Idaho Representatives Mat Erpelding and Luke Malek released a statement condemning the potential implications of further restrictions with Cuba.  

In the statement, they said the move would be “a missed opportunity for the country and a substantive blow to potentially lucrative markets here in Idaho.”


Cuba currently imports around 60 to 80 percent of its food from the U.S. That’s a market estimated at $2 billion. Erpelding and Malek believe Idaho’s agriculture, technology and communications sectors would all benefit from increased trade with Cuba.


Erpelding and Malek also said “bipartisan support for improved trade relations with Cuba is alive and well.”


Under the Obama Administration, new measures were taken in attempt to improve ties with Cuba, following a 56-year embargo. For national security reasons, however, the Trump Administration seeks to return to a time of greater restrictions on trade and travel.