Idaho Resources Battling Deadly California Fires

Nov 13, 2018

Idaho is helping battle the wildfires wreaking havoc in California. Resources from the Gem State are on the front lines.

The Woolsey Fire is burning through rugged hills and million dollar homes along California’s iconic coastline north of Los Angeles. Cal Fire estimates it’s destroyed at least 435 structures. Up north, the massive Camp Fire has claimed more than 40 lives and is now the deadliest blaze in California’s history.

As the fires burn entire towns and thousands of homes to the ground, resources from around the West are being sent to help battle the flames.

Jessica Gardetto, the spokesperson for the National Interagency Fire Center, says Idaho has dispatched engines, bulldozers, aircraft and personnel to assist. She says Idaho is sending the help in what’s usually a quiet period.

“We’re trying to refurbish everything and get it ready for the next western fire season, but then we’re also sending the available resources down to California to help with these fires because, as of now, it looks like these fires won’t be out any time soon,” says Gardetto.

With under two weeks to go until Thanksgiving, this isn’t normal, she says. At least, it didn’t used to be.

“Having wildfire activity at this time of year used to be more uncommon,” Gardetto says. “Unfortunately, over the last few years, we are seeing large fire activity into the winter months, and it’s looking like this may be the new norm.”

According to the NIFC spokesperson, Idaho will continue to send more help to California as resources become available.

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