Idaho’s AG Watches Historic Supreme Court Hearing

Mar 29, 2012

This week the U.S. Supreme Court heard three days of arguments over landmark healthcare legislation.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act generated a large crowd at the Court, all wanting a front row seat.  Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden was among them. 

Idaho is one of the 26 states challenging the Affordable Care Act. So Wasden was in Washington D-C to try and watch the proceedings.  He was in line Tuesday, but the crowd was too big.  With only six people ahead of him, he just missed a chance for a seat inside the court.  Wasden did hear the arguments on the merits of the individual mandate live, in the Lawyer’s Lounge a few feet away from the courtroom.  “Our case was well briefed, well argued. I believe we have presented a very important issue to the United States Supreme Court and they’re taking it very seriously.”

On Wednesday, Wasden had better luck. He got a seat in the courtroom for the arguments on Medicaid and severability.  

Now that it's over, Wasden won’t second guess the Supreme Court.  But from watching oral arguments, he thinks the justices understand the gravity of the case. “And I think that we ultimately will have some answers to some really important questions about what is the limit of Congressional power.”

Wasden says now he’ll wait, along with the rest of the nation, for the justices to make the next move.  The Court is expected to rule in early summer. 


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