Idaho Sen. Crapo: Loosen Restrictions On Switchblade Sales

Sep 18, 2017

U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo (R) has introduced a bill to expand sales of switchblade knives across the country.



The measure would allow someone who lives in a place where owning a switchblade is legal to buy them across state lines.


Since 1958, federal law has banned the sale of switchblades between states, even though they aren’t illegal in 27 states. For example, someone in Idaho can’t currently buy a switchblade made in Oregon and have it shipped to them.


Crapo calls these regulations “burdens that have hindered manufacturing growth, interstate commerce and consumer practices for far too long.”


He notes it would be a boon for hunters and those who would use these knives for work.


Manufacturers would also be able to import certain knife parts under the proposal.


Buck Knives out of Post Falls backs the bill, saying it strikes a balance between common sense and the drive to fix a problem.


The bill currently has no co-sponsors.


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