Idaho Senate Committee Delays Vote On Proposed Science Standards

Feb 14, 2018

Idaho state senators are digesting public opinion backing proposed science standards for public schools that include several references to man made climate change.


Those who testified at Wednesday’s hearing gave their full-throated support to the proposed science standards, parts of which were slashed by the House Education Committee last week.


Trent Clark, a lobbyist for agribusiness juggernaut Monsanto, says his company will mark down job applicants who don’t grasp the full meaning of climate change.


“It is important that students have an understanding of the issues – not that they be told how to think on the issues, but that they have a full and complete understanding of the issues – because if they don’t, they cannot do their job,” Clark says.


The House Education Committee left in a handful of references to climate change, but erased even more of them because certain lawmakers felt they were leading students to a conclusion that human activity is mostly to blame.


Some of their peers on the Senate Education Committee also had a close eye on those same references, but took no action, saying they’ll hold a vote next week.


This is the third year that state lawmakers have rejected pieces of the proposed science standards despite overwhelming public support for them.


If the two chambers can’t agree on which sections to approve by the end of session, the rules will be adopted unchanged.


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