Idaho Senate Kills New Plan For Naturopathic Licensing

Mar 30, 2015

The Idaho Senate has killed a plan to make a new process to accredit naturopaths in Idaho.

The Senate voted 25-10 Monday to defeat the bill, which had faced substantial changes over the last week in an effort to find a compromise.

Two major groups of naturopaths in Idaho have disagreed on licensing guidelines for decades, especially since licenses were granted to the profession in 2005.

The Senate also voted 22-13 to repeal state laws that require naturopaths to get a license.

Democratic Sen. Dan Schmidt, who sponsored the bill, says the section is misleading because the laws aren't enforced and there aren't enough licensed naturopaths to sit on its governing board.

Republican Rep. Marv Hagedorn says only five of the more than 100 naturopaths in Idaho have a license.