Idaho Senate Revives School Standards, Orders Review Committee

Feb 13, 2020

All of Idaho’s public school standards will stay in place for another year after the Senate Education Committee unanimously adopted them Wednesday.

The Senate Education Committee basically had two choices: they could’ve adopted these standards that govern K-12 education as-is, or they could’ve sided with the House.

Their colleagues on the other side of the capitol last week ditched the benchmarks over concerns that they were inappropriate, too hard or clashed with their beliefs when it comes to science.

Senate Ed Vice Chair Steven Thayn (R-Emmett) says he appreciates what the House did.

“However, they only did the first part of the process. They identified some of the issues they wanted to address, but they didn’t put into place a process to get this done,” Thayn said.

Earlier in the day, the Senate overwhelmingly approved a resolution to create a committee to study replacing these content standards over the next several months. It would still need House approval.

In reauthorizing these rules, the Senate also cemented in place requirements colleges and universities have to meet in order to graduate students seeking an education degree – something the House Education Committee had also chucked out last week.

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