Idaho Senator Crapo Receives Hundreds Of Calls After Trump Executive Order

Jan 31, 2017

Social media requests to flood the phone lines of Idaho’s congressional delegation seem to be working. Over the weekend, the voicemail inboxes of Idaho Sen. Jim Risch and Sen. Mike Crapo were full.

According to Crapo communications director Lindsay Nothern, the Boise office was fielding calls from Idahoans all Monday morning. Nothern says he personally took dozens of calls.

Nothern says constituents have mostly been concerned with the president’s 90-day ban on people traveling from seven majority Muslim countries. The order sparked spontaneous protests at airports around the country this weekend, including a rally of about 600 people at the Boise airport. 

Crapo’s office has also heard from people who are critical of some of the president’s cabinet picks, including the nomination of charter school champion Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary.

Nothern says if you can’t get through on the phone lines, you can contact the Senator by email or on his website. He says every call, email and letter is cataloged and Crapo receives information about them each morning.

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