Idaho State Highway 75 Could Soon See Heavier Trucks On The Road

Sep 11, 2018

The Jerome-based company Capps Inc. has applied to increase the truck load weight on the 40-mile stretch from Shoshone to Airport Way in Hailey. The company hauls grain, compost, hay and straw between farms in the Magic and Wood River Valleys.

According to Adam Rush with the Idaho Transportation Department, the increase would let the company ship more material with each trip, in theory bringing down the total number of trips.

“There’s an advantage in allowing them to move trucks weighing 129,000 pounds because they can combine shipments," says Rush, "and they can reduce the number of trucks that are using the highway route at any one time because they’re adding a little extra weight or cargo.”

The proposed change is an increase from 105,500 pounds to 129,000 pounds. Rush says the difference won’t be noticeable to other drivers on the road.

“They’ll both have two trailers and they’ll both be the same length. And the difference is the number of axles.”

The public can give comment on the proposal through September 27. After that, a state committee will make a recommendation to ITD’s board, which will ultimately approve or deny the request. Once it’s approved, any truck can travel the route at that weight – not just Capps Inc. trucks.

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