Idaho State Museum Prepares For Grand Re-Opening

Aug 13, 2018

Four years after closing its doors for renovations, the Idaho State Museum will soon show off its new exhibition spaces.

As soon as you walk into the revamped Idaho State Museum, you’ll see a new exhibit called ‘Origins’.

“And here is where the big idea of Idaho’s land and the importance of its land and its relationship to people and that land and people shape each other over time – that’s where you get the first entry point to that," says Janet Gallimore, executive director of the Idaho State Historical Society, which oversees the new museum.

‘Origins’ features a new theater space where visitors can experience Native American origin stories before exploring the rest of the exhibits.

Curators have sliced up Idaho into three main geographical areas for three new galleries: North of the Salmon River, Central Idaho and the Snake River Plain.

Not everything will be unfamiliar. Gallimore says they’ve kept Deja-Moo, a two-headed, taxidermied cow and several other favorites.

The museum is still undergoing renovations, but will open mid-October with a weekend full of music, gallery talks and dancing to celebrate.

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