Idaho State Police Doesn't Expect More Drug Busts From Ontario Marijuana Sales

Nov 9, 2018

Ontario, OR legalized recreational marijuana sales on Tuesday. Dispensaries could be opening up as early as January 2019.
Credit Dank Depot / Flickr

Residents of Ontario, Oregon voted Tuesday to legalize recreational marijuana sales.

Legal marijuana sales in Ontario will bring legal weed less than an hour away from Boise as early as January 1st, something many Idaho marijuana enthusiasts are happy about.


Despite legalization in many neighboring states and Canada, Idaho remains opposed. But will the Gem State see an increase in marijuana busts now that a legal option is just across the border?

Tim Marsano, spokesperson for the Idaho State Police, had this to say:

"Marijuana that’s being trafficked through our state, we find is not generally being produced in legal facilities. It’s coming from the black market and moving to points east to be sold on the black market in other states."


He says ISP doesn’t profile Idaho cars coming back from Oregon, they only pull people over for cause.

The Ontario initiative received around 57% of the vote. Along with a 3% tax on marijuana sales, the city will begin to receive a portion of Oregon’s marijuana revenue now that they’ve legalized sales.


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