Idahoans Under 65 Still Have Time To Apply For Medicare Supplement

Dec 6, 2018

For Idahoans under 65 on Medicare, the three-month timeframe to purchase a Medicare supplement plan will close on December 31.



The open enrollment period reopened in October after the Idaho Department of Insurance found that some beneficiaries were unaware of the enrollment period that expired in summer. Shannon Hohl is with the department. She says they are reaching out again to remind qualified Idahoans to take advantage of the opportunity.


“We’re getting closer to the end of this window that we’ve reopened and we want to make sure that anyone who’s eligible is able to take advantage of it,” she says.


This enrollment window is different from the traditional annual enrollment period, which ends on December 7. It allows those on Medicare under 65 who qualify to add or change a supplemental plan to their benefits.


“We’re giving a really great opportunity for them to buy something that’s affordable and can supplement their Medicare and gives them protection of maximum amount of out-of-pocket limits and things like that," Hohl says.


Hohl says that supplemental coverage could save some Idahoans a lot of money. Without the extra coverage, she says beneficiaries are responsible for 20 percent of the cost for most services they receive under Medicare. There are 10 different plans available, and each of them cover some or all of that out-of-pocket cost.

 For those who are interested in or have questions about getting supplemental coverage, they can contact the Senior Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA) with the Idaho Department of Insurance at 800-247-4422.

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