Idaho's Democratic Candidate For Governor Listed As A Republican in 2008

Dec 6, 2013


The Idaho Democrats' choice to run for governor was listed as a Republican five years ago.

In 2008, Anthony Joseph "A.J." Balukoff was named as a Republican backer of then-U.S. House candidate Walt Minnick.

Balukoff was among 60 "Republicans for Minnick" during the Democrat's successful run against Bill Sali.

In an August 2008 e-mail from Minnick's campaign, Balukoff topped a group that had "supported the Republican Party with time, with money and with votes. And we will continue to do so in this election and in elections to come," according to the message.

Balukoff didn't return a call Friday.

Larry Kenck, Idaho Democratic chairman, said he's discussed Balukoff's allegiances and is convinced he's a Democrat with an independent streak.

Balukoff didn't choose a party in 2012's primary; he didn't vote.

Correction: Originally the headline noted Idaho's democratic candidate for governor was a "registered Republican." A.J. Balukoff was unaffiliated until August when he declared his party affiliation as a Democrat.