Idaho's Risch Could Take Top Senate Foreign Relations Position

Sep 28, 2017

After Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee announced Tuesday that he would not run for reelection in 2018, a powerful position in foreign affairs opened up.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is one of the most powerful groups in Congress. The committee oversees foreign aid programs and holds appointment hearings for the State Department, and holds sway when it comes to approving treaties and declarations of war.

And according to Politico, it looks like Sen. Jim Risch is set to take the chairmanship in the next Congress, as he’s the senior senator on the committee behind Corker.

The outlet reports that former presidential candidate Marco Rubio of Florida – who is also on the committee – plans to support Risch in his bid to lead it. The Senator from Florida ran for president last year but lost in the Republican primary.

Risch also sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee. He leads a subcommittee on terrorism as well, but Politico reports the group has not held any hearings this year.

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