"Imperiled Ocean" By Laura Trethewey

May 30, 2020

Imperiled Ocean is an exploration of the earth's last wild frontier, filled with high-stakes stories that explore a vast territory undergoing tremendous change.  Journalist Laura Trethewey set out in 2015 on 'an extended listening tour' to hear some of these stories.  She learned that for reasons of money… migrants die, cruise ships steer around the law, and plastic is made, sold and discarded faster than it can be collected and disposed of. 

Imperiled Ocean is a deeply reported work of narrative journalism that follows people as they head out to sea. What they discover holds inspiring and dire implications for the life of the ocean, and for all of us back on land. 

Laura Trethewey is an ocean journalist and the senior writer and editor at Ocean.org a multi-media story-telling site run by the Vancouver Aquarium.  She has been published in Smithsonian Magazine, The Globe & Mail among other publications.  She lives in Vancouver and this is her first book.